How to place an order by Guest check out and Instant check out?

1. Prepare delivery information included recipient's name, address, mobile no. in Korea and your gift message, desired delivery date.
If not left desired delivery date then will deliver your order on the Same day.

2. Choose your item and click on the button Add to Cart.

3. Try to click on the checkout from top of right side viewed Cart.

4. If you haven't an account then you can be placing an order by guest account.

5. After Fill up and check at all then will be appeared 3 kind payment method. If not shown payment methods means need more fill up, marking check and Click on the SAVE at INSTANTLY Check out.


6. Choose Payment by Pay with your card or PayPal account.

 a. If you are a Korean stayed in Korea than Choose Pay by Invoice method than easy to Pay on the invoice. Please see Invoice payment method. 

 b. If you are not a Korean stay anywhere in the world than try to follow as click on the Pay with Debit or Credit card as shown.


  C. Select your billing country first and fill up as follows.


If you are having a problem, please choose .

Or please feel free to contact us at  We will be happy to assist you.

1) Place your order on our website. 
2) You will be receiving an invoice via PayPal to your E-mail,
    Also, you can pay to via PayPal.
3) Make a payment via Paypal on the invoice.

1) Place your order on our website.
2) Instant Checkout or Register your account.  
3) Add your billing and delivery address including a mobile number of the recipient.
4) Check the delivery address as the billing address for PAY WITH YOUR CARD payment method. 
When you using pay by PayPal than using same address in billing and shipping address during check out procedure. Also, add delivery address with mobile no. in Korea at your account addresses than we can find and deliver to a delivery location. 
5) Please indicate the following information in the leave a message box.
     Recipient Name
     Recipient mobile or phone number to verify the location 
     Detailed delivery addresses
     Preferred delivery date (local Korea time)
     Your personal gift message or note to the recipient.