We serve our unforgettable service to you!
GuideSeller rating from the customer.

By Heesun Kim May 6, 2023
My mother received her flowers and they were beautiful!
Thank you very much for choosing a nice plant for her each year!
She sent me a picture of the orchid she received yesterday along with the orchids she has received from you in the past 3 years.
The orchids that she received 3 years ago are still healthy and blooming flowers for 3 to 4 months each year.

By Michael Witte Dec 3,2021
Thanks again for your excellent service.
Thank you for making it possible to do something special for our son - halfway around the world!
All the best to everyone at GiftsKorea,

By Alexandra Nguyen Aug 5, 2021
Thank you for the services. I lived in Canada and was in a rush to order some birthday gifts for my friend who is currently in Korea. Despite there might be a delivery delay, you had provided an extraordinary service and delivered the package within 24 hours. I appreciate it a lot! Would recommend the service to people who live outside of Korea and order any gifts for friends and family who are in Korea.
By Sarkadi Lívia June 23, 2021
thank you, GiftsKorea, the cake was there on time, in quality, so recipient is happy on his birthday!

By SHUN KAJI May 6, 2021
Thank you so much as always.
Honestly hesitated, but gladly made my purchase as usual. Very pleased with the order and always look forward to the next occasion.
Please keep up the good work, your services are a reminder of returning customers.
By Jessa March 5, 2021
Thank you so much! This has been a wonderful shopping experience and I really appreciate your efforts and communication. I hope you have a nice weekend!

By James April 12, 2020

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!
The flowers were delivered perfectly and looked amazing. My girlfriend loved them.
Thank you for your service, 
Kind regards, 

By Alexander March 3, 2020
Dear Gifts Korea,
I really appreciate your service. It makes sending my daughter something
special so easy and convenient.
Your gift selection is a perfect mix of plants, candy, gift cards, etc.
Delivery is always on time and your customer service is the absolute best!
Thank you so much for all you do!
Good health to you all!
Chicago USA

By Chris Dec. 10, 2019
Thank you guys so much. My girlfriend loves the gift. You guys did an excellent job on the crystal. 

By Linda Sept. 4, 2019
Thank you so much! The gift icon was received and his voucher redeemed yesterday. You really helped me bring a smile to my Oppa's face for his birthday. I will definitely use you again in the future.

By Carole  June 18, 2019

thank you so much for your great customer service! This is (obviously) my first time sending something to my daughter...and I will definitely use GiftsKorea again.

She received the Bonsai and said it's so big and beautiful...she loves it. And she received the Dunkin Donuts gift via SMS and loves that, too. She said she didn't expect a great birthday because she's away from home but the nice gifts you guys delivered right on time were a very nice surprise for her and made it a happy birthday.

Thank you again for your help.

By Melissa May 11, 2019
 I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone at GiftsKorea. 
I ordered a surprise cake for my mother's birthday and had it sent to their hotel in Seoul.
Firstly I had issues with payment (my fault), the customer service representative was so incredibly helpful and polite, and helped me through the process to make sure it worked out.
Then my parents (unknown to me) had to switch hotels. The person delivering the cake called the original hotel they had been staying in, then called them to confirm the new hotel they were moving to. He made sure the cake go to them at their new hotel.
Everyone at GiftsKorea is wonderful and so helpful, I can't recommend them highly enough! Definitely use this site if you're looking for a professional service and people that go above and beyond to help!
Thank you GiftsKorea

By Elissa Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas! ❤
Just a note to tell you thank you so very much for the excellent customer service and the prompt delivery. My birth mom was so excited and very pleasantly surprised to receive the beautiful basket of poinsettias. She sent a photo and they look just perfect!!!
Thank you for your help and for your wonderful service!

By Yanthy Nov 24, 2018
Thank you so much for your great service. I am glad that my friend was very delighted to receive the lovely gift.
Thank you! Kind regards
By Rahul Aug 24, 2018
Thank you so much, the order has been delivered successfully.
Thank you for the help and amazing service.
I am sure, I am going to order form giftskorea again.
You have a great website and amazing service.
Thanks a ton.

By Amanda Aug 18, 2018
I really appreciate the efficient service of Giftpop and support given:) 
I will definitely order from you again! 

By Antonio July 15, 2018
Awesome.  It's my second time using your GiftPop service.  I am pleased and grateful for your Ice Cream mobile voucher service and help. 

BY Mee Lee April 10, 2018
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and she is very happy with the flower bouquet. 
I am very happy with your service and I will use your business again for the future. Thank you again! 

By ANNE SORIANO Feb 14, 2018
Thank you so much giftskorea. I will not forget this day for helping me. My boyfriend like it so much. Flowers and scent of it is really good. Thank you so much. Its really fast even its already valentines day, they help me to arrive my order in exact date and time.

By CHENYI LIN Feb 1, 2018
My friend really loves this gift, although my friend leave her office suddenly, but you help me to change delivery address after inform her, but she still feel surprised, because she really love the flowers and cake!!! It's better than pictures, Thank you so much.

By Hasitha  Aug 24, 2017
Hi..thank you for providing reliable service ever..I highly reccomend you to everyone.I hope to shopping with you again..

By Anoshi Aug 21, 2017
Thank you so much.
You have very good service and found good quality products at low prices and questions were answered in a prompt manner. Again thank you so much for your excellent service.

By Aureliza  July 28, 2017
Hi there, i would like to thank for the LED key couple heart gift set received it. And it's great. 
Also packages are perfect.

By Cristian Tabuyo June 23, 2017
Received the package today, all was great! Thank you very much, excellent service!!! I will for sure purchase again here.

By Mauricio Munoz May 28,2017
Thank you very much for the delivery. I am very happy and satisfied with the work you have done. Everything was as expected and worked out perfectly and smoothly. I have no regrets on choosing you! and deffinetly when I decide to do another gift, I will do it with you.
I have a question, may I know where do you get the flowers from? They are in really good conditions and very beautiful.
Thank you very much again.
Kind regards, 
By Bernardo May 11, 2017
Hello, Giftskorea.
Thank you also for your impeccable service for my previous order. Much appreciated.

By K.Kiana April 29. 2017
Hello, Dear
thank you so much for the beautiful flower . thanks and hope to work together soon .

By Jianping April 21,2017
Awesome.  It's my third time using your service.  I am pleased and grateful for your service and help.
Thank you! Sincerely,

By  Yanthy April 6, 2017
Thank you so much for the delivery!
I received a message from the receiver and she loves the flower so much!
Thanks you very much for your awesome arrangement! 
Kind regards

By TAI JUNNI Jan. 10, 2017
Hi GiftsKorea! 
Thank you so much for your help. 
I really appreciate the efficient service and support given:)
I will definitely order from you again! 
Best regards,

By Steff Hartman Dec. 2, 2016
Thank you so much for your wonderful service!!!  My son was so surprised!!!  Have a great day and wonderful holiday season.  Sincerely, 

By N. OConnor Sept. 27, 2016

By J Park .May 11, 2016
I really appreciate the extra mile you have taken to make sure that we are happy with our order! He received a bouquet and he sent me pictures - they are very beautiful and I am 100% satisfied. I will definitely recommend this website to friends/family and continue to use your services. 
Thank you again

By H Kim - May 8, 2016
My mother received her orchids and they were beautiful with lots of buds as well.
It will have flowers for a long time.
Thank you very much!

By GEMMA LEONG - Feb 27,2016
Thank you for the good service. My husband has received his birthday surprise in good order.
Best regards,

By Marie Grace - Feb 15,2016
Dear GiftsKorea,
Thank you so much for making the day of my friend special by deliver the item on time. Surely I will order and recommend you to other costumers.
Best Regards,
Marie Grace

By Berent - Dec 25,2015
Dear GiftsKorea,
Thank you. 
In general I am very happy about your service. It has made my life easier so I am happy it eventually is functioning well.

By Panuly - Sept 25,2015
Thank you so much for the beautiful fruit basket. Your items are very good quality and always make everyone happy  Have a good holiday! 

By  Anna - Sept 7, 2015
Hello, I just wanted to say how fantastic your customer service Dept is. Both times I have communcated with them, they have been extremely polite and helpful.  I wish customer service depts here in my country were as nice .  Thank you again, and have a wonderful day.

By Ebber - Sept 6, 2015
Thank you for impeccable service as always.

By Pauline -July 10, 2015
The Running Man staffs have already informed me about the food.
They are very happy and thankful for that!
I would like to once again thank you for helping me out from planning the food to delivering the food! 
I appreciate it! :)

By Jhning - Tue 19 May, 2015
I would like to express my thanks for the superb and awesome service! Replies were very prompt. And the delivery is very fast ^^
I was very surprised the photo link was printed as requested. Thank you so much (:
Highly recommended. 
I would definitely use this service again if I were to gift anyone is Korea 

By Sam - Sun 22 March, 2015
Thank you! the basket looked great!
I am glad to have used your service, and will look to use it again in the future!

By Sherry - Tue 17 Feb, 2015
Thank you so much for your quick delivery! 
I will continue to order from your company as I always find everything to go perfectly!
Thanks! Sherry

By Peter - Sat 14 Feb, 2015
My girlfriend's flowers were delivered today - I am happy with the service, and I will use your store again in the future :)
I wanted to say thank you
By Grace - Sat 31 Jan, 2015
Thank you, as always, for the personal emails and prompt service. 
By Arnel -  Sat 19 July 2014
Thank you so much for your excellent service! The florist was great in communicating through every step of the process, from picking and buying the flowers, to helping me ensure that the flowers would arrive to the desired location at the right time. I was always well attended to, and any queries were answered quickly and clearly without any hesitation. The flowers were beautiful and my girlfriend loved them, I highly recommend anyone who wishes to send amazing flowers and gifts within Korea to use this website for its great customer service, fast delivery, and quality products. Being overseas it was difficult for me to be able to send gifts but GiftsKorea ensured that my needs were met and that the products were delivered to the right location on time, and with amazing quality.
I wish to personally thank you myself for all the effort you had put into helping me with my order and in making sure that my girlfriend and I were satisfied with your service. Thank you so much! Definitely recommend GiftsKorea as a great service and seller. Thanks!”
I hope it is not too long, thank you once again!
By Johny - 13 May 2014 
Thank you so much! 
Very nice service! 
I will definately come back again for busisness.
Thank You,
By Shun K. - Fri, 14 Mar 2014
Thank you very much for the unprecedented quick turn around under short notice.  The recipient and family were very intrigued and content.
Your quick responses and ease of transaction made this purchase that much better and I thank you.

I will very likely purchase from you again when the time comes in the future. Keep up the great work and talk to you in the near future.

Best regards,

By Paul - Thu, 13 Feb 2014
Thank you for delivering the flowers early this morning, Carolyn truly
loved them!
Thanks again.
Best regards,

By Frankiln - Wed 5 Feb 2014

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for such an easy transaction. Many times, when dealing with companies overseas that you have never heard of, you are not sure what to expect of the company or the item you are buying. This was not the case with your company. I received personalized attention via phone and email and felt very comfortable with my purchase.
I love the fact that this is a family owned business, it made me feel like I was asking a family member to put the gift together.

The cake and wine I purchased was beautifully wrapped in cellophane and even a nice birthday card was included. I was very impressed with your professionalism and personal touch with my purchase. I will DEFINITELY be using you again in the near future.

Grateful there are still great people in this world. 

By Marylyn - 19 Dec, 2013, at 7:22 pm
Thank you so much, I will be happy if it will be deliver on december 20,2013.and my special request on my card message, Im happy ordering at GiftsKorea,
GDD will be sending a cake to celebrate Yura’s special day. We will be using Gifts Korea since we have been very happy with their work on our previous support projects, Girl’s Day 3rd Anniversary and Minah’s Inkigayo MC Debut.
Thank you very much for your service.
Everything went perfectly. Flowers were good and cake fresh.
Thank you so much! 
By Manal Al-Huraibi - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 20:02:42
You are absolutely amazing!! .. Thank you so much!! ..  An exceptional service. You made our day extra special :) ..
I thank you sincerely 
By Marylyn Lacerna - Sun, 04 Aug 2013 20:27:34
im so happy with your service,,thanks so much,,
I will surely order again in futu ,, more power!
By Wagner - Fri, 12 Jul 2013 22:08:54 +0900
I just was told that it arrived!
The person got super happy!So thanks you all a lot!! 
Really thank you!
By Brian D Mackay - Sunday, March 3, 2013 1:53 AM 
Thank you so much for everything!
The delivery was wonderfully executed and my wife was so surprised.
The flowers looked amazing!
You have a wonderful service that I know I will use again.
Superb excellence!

By Justin Chen -Tue, 19 Feb 2013 07:56:17 -0800 
Thank you for delivering my gift on time and in good condition. It was a pleasure doing business with you and again thank you for your quick response and good customer service.
Best regards,

By Jonathan - Thursday, February 14, 2013 10:32 AM
Thank you very much
great service as always

By Shimma Abdulla - Thursday, January 31, 2013
Thank you for your excellent service. My sister was very happy with her gift! 
I will be using your company in the future and recommending you to family and friends.

By Eric - Wed, 12 Dec 2012
Thank you very much! I would like to say it was a delightful shopping experience and very easy. I will use this website again in the future!

By Vanessa - Wed, 28 Nov 2012 
Thank you! My son was very surprised to get a cake for his birthday and he
enjoyed it. Thanks for helping us celebrate his birthday!

By Tony An - 21 Aug 2012
Couldn't ask for a better and faster service. I am very glad I ordered from your business and I plan to do it in the future also. Once again thank you Tae, she was pleased with the surprise flowers and cake. Thank you 

By Travis - 17 Jul 2012 
I am extremely happy with your service and promptness of response!
You have avoided sending to the wrong address and my girl is very happy as a result.
I will definitely order from you again.

By Sompop - Sat, 14 Jul 2012 01:49:58 -0400
Yes it's really pretty and she loves it!!! Thank you so much for everything 


It was a pleasure to deal with giftskorea.com! 
Have a wonderful week!
With many thanks,

By Yeuen - 24 May 2012

Thank you
My mom and I are pretty picky about our flowers and she said they were v nice
Thanks again for the prompt service! 

By Eric - Tue, 22 May 2012

Thank you very much.
I just received photos of the cake.
My daughter is very happy about it. She says it taste very good. 
It was nice to deal with giftskorea.com.

By THmiller - Nov 22, 2011

the best shop ever for delivery gifts in Korea...accurate, on time, always perfect, and cheap....
What can we ask more? Thank you GIFTSKOREA 
By Shopper - Oct 25, 2011 

Big thank you and Best regards, 
Kazu Otake2011/09/20, at 17:08 

Delivered flowers on time! Fast and fantastic service. 
By Dhananjay - Oct 6, 2011

Tue, 13 Sep 2011 05:43
Thank you so much!
I deeply appreciate your kindly business. 
Eun A.

Friday, July 30, 2010
As always you did a wonderful job. 
You have made it so easy to send gifts to our friend/client in Korea . 
Thank you so much.
All the best,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 9:25 AM
Extremely fast and service was more than satisfactory.
I never seen a service deliver that fast in my life. 
Thank you so much!
Grace Nam 

Gift Delivery in Korea
Sunday August 16, 2009
I had to send a gift to some relatives in Korea recently andwas enormously pleased with GiftsKorea.com, a website with fancy presents, free delivery within Korea, and excellent customer service. 
The recipients were especially impressed with this birthday cake designed to look likea cup of steaming cappuccino, and I was grateful for the next day delivery on an already-late birthday present. If you need to send a gift within Korea and want to usea website written in English, then I'm happy to have somerecommendations for you.