Delivery policy's flowers and cake + flowers are individually wrapped or boxed and delivered FREE of CHARGE to South Korea destinations nationwide in same-day delivery. Some remote areas such as small islands, sightseeing spots, and isolated areas are not serviced by our trusted courier. To check if we deliver to your recipient's area, please call us at 82 2 822 0293 or email us at's Parcel services products as Cake alone, Manon Chocolates, Nuts, Rice cake, Tteok, Scented Candles, 3D Photo Crystals Parcel and related products order is boxed and delivered FREE of CHARGE to South Korea destinations nationwide in Next 2 ~ 5 day delivery except for JeJu island and Namhae or some Islands in Next 2~3 more days delivery. No Sunday and Monday, Holiday, Next day of Holiday delivery have not able by the Parcel service. Not able to nominating delivery time.
Courier drivers have a prescheduled route – the time when your package gets delivered depends on whether your address is in the beginning of his route or at the end of it. Courier drivers usually work from 9 am to 6 pm (at least the courier service providers that we collaborate with). You should always bear in mind that during peak seasons, such as winter or summer holidays, due to the high volume of packages and intensive work, they might arrive after 6 and cause a delayed delivery.

Our Mon-Friday cut-off time is 2:00 PM (KST) for Next day delivery.

When you order on Saturday and Sunday, your item will be dispatched on Monday then will arrive at the delivery location on Tuesday. 
Also, not available for delivery time nominate by Parcel Service Provider. 
When you want to deliver on the same day than required rush order charge(U$20 ~ U$50) by Motorcycle for Seoul Area only available.
Always, we recommend 2~3 days earlier delivery would be safe and comfortable and acceptable as common sense.

Nuts products are needed 2~3 days for Fresh roasting after placed order and dispatched by the Parcel service provider.

3D Photo Crystal products are needed 3~4 days( excluding Weekend and Holidays) for processing of your photo convert to 3D, Laser engraving process, and Packaging dispatched by the Parcel service provider.

Flower, Cake + Flower, Plant (Messenger Service), GiftsPoP(SMS or MMS Gift voucher) categories products are able to deliver in Same Day.

Giftspop is a digital gift voucher sent to a mobile phone via text message with sender's name along with personalized gift messages, barcode type MMS will be sent to your recipient's mobile phone(only available in South Korea) usually within 24 hours.  Your recipient can redeem at the nearest store showing this barcode and exchange it for a gift item you purchased.  You don’t even need a shipping address!  Just need the recipient's name with mobile no. in South Korea. 

Also, our carriers do deliver on New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentines' Day, White Day, Parents Day, Chuseok Holidays, Pepero day and Christmas Day or the day following these holidays. However, due to a high volume of delivery orders during these days, you will need to place an order as soon as possible (at least 3~5 days advance) for an arrangement of delivery. First come, first serve! Please note that not all addresses are available for this special day/weekend delivery.

Coming Lunar New Years Day Holidays is February 9~12, 2024,  Flowers, Cake + flowers, plants, Gift voucher and Fruit baskets can be delivered on Same day. And the courier delivery products(Rice cakes, T'teok, Pies, Physical delivery Single cake, Brownies, Nuts, 3D crystals, Scented Candles, Manon chocolates, Beef Ribs, Pork meat, Chuncheon dak-galbi,  Pastry Yakgwa, LA Galbi Gift Set, Honey gift set, Jeju Red-Hyang, Dried persimmon gift set etc.) are cut off on Febuary 2 for before Lunar New Years Day Holidays delivery by rushed order.  Please consider lead time for preparation then 2~5 days (excluding Sunday, Monday, Holiday, Holiday+1( February 13) then placed order earlier for safe.  When you placed order after cut off time then we will be shipped from February 13 by sequentially. 

Since Lunar New Year gifts are not delivered during the long Lunar New Year holiday period, it is usually safer to deliver them a month in advance.

Even during public holidays including Sunday, flowers, cake + flowers, plants and fruits are delivered on the same day by the Messanger.

In addition, the gift voucher items such as coffee, cake(Brand: Paris Baquette), pizza,
ice cream, donuts, chicken, and hamburgers are also sent to the recipient's mobile phone number by SMS on the same day and the recipient can be redeem at nearby retail stores.

Corporate gift or Business gifting Order.

Whether you're ordering for a handful of important clients or making sure everyone in all the branches of the company gets a great gift, we make it easy to order as many gifts as you like, all at once. Use your Bulk order as shipping instructions by Excel, Word, Text format included recipient's name, delivery address, mobile no. in Korea, gift message, desired delivery date to us by email as And Placed your order on the web, and send gift baskets for teams to share, cake, hamper & wines for the aficionados on your list, and keepsakes that are perfect for commemorating their loyalty. We're here 24x7 to help you create your perfect holiday gift campaign - send us your Bulk Order today. 

Shipping and Delivery, in conjunction with our service providers, will attempt to deliver a product on the requested day all over South Korea.

We and our service providers try to not telephone prior to delivering packages but may place phone calls for solid delivery. Making delivery on time is the number one issue to us. We try hard to keep arrival time and do not allow ourselves delayed delivery. So we do a double check every delivery details before starting deliveries to meet arrival time.

Reasons to phone call recipient

Three reasons below might require phone calls to keep delivery time.

  • Not Perfect Address. Ambiguous or incomplete address requires a supplement. Or duplicate address may exist. Or some address cannot be founded on our GPS map.
  • Nowhere To Release. Lots of persons living alone in South Korea. When recipients are not home, packages had no choices but to be returned to our shop and produce extra charges for keeping, redelivery, or taking out from our shop and so on. We do not release flowers at the front of the door except getting permission from the recipient.
  • Questionable phone numbers. Some phone numbers may not be matched with the local address. It means that one of address or phone number is not valid. And international phone numbers need to check whether they work or not.
  • Holiday, Sunday delivery. The more persons go out on weekend and holiday and empty home.
  • University, colleague, resort, countryside, rural areas.

To be a surprise gift

In spite of lots of expected risks, we try to undertake surprise delivery when customers request. But we may not keep it for the reasons above. Please refer below conditions for the safe surprise gift.

  • Office delivery. When recipients are not at the arrival place, one of their colleagues can take packages instead of recipients. In addition, offices are usually located in urban areas and easy to be reached.
  • Hotel delivery. We can ask the hotel front desk about recipients' presence over the phone and make the delivery.
  • Hospital, wedding hall or funeral service. We normally do a double-check with the staffs on delivery condition, the presence of recipients, arrival time especially when the delivery time is critical.
  • Proxy for the recipient. If you have an assistant by recipients who can inform us delivery information, we don't need to bother recipients.
  • Apartment or condominium with parcel room. When nobody is at home, we will attach a delivery note on the front door and can release packages at the parcel room or security office. is not responsible for:

  • Flowers, plants, fruits, Cake, Chocolates, Nuts, Ice Cream, other products and preserved items delivered to incorrect addresses supplied by the sender.
  • Unsuccessful deliveries arising from the recipient not being present at the time of delivery at the address supplied by the sender.
  • Decreased product quality due to an incorrect delivery address supplied by the sender, or a re-route requested by the sender.
  • Product quality problems caused by improper handling by the recipient.

Free shipping offers are valid only on weekday deliveries to addresses within inland and Jeju island of South Korea.

Delivery Information

We will ask you to complete the recipients' contact details, together with the card message, delivery date and any special instructions on check out procedure. To ensure your order can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, it is important that you provide full postal addresses and contact details including mobile no. in Korea for the delivery man of Parcel service provider. When the address is not correct, we may make a telephone call to the recipient before starting the delivery. 

If you are ordering an item for funeral delivery, please specify the required time of delivery in the Delivery Instructions.


Order by after 4:00 PM South Korea Time(GMT +9) Monday thru Friday On Saturdays, order by after 05:00 PM South Korea time for delivery on Sunday Exceptions to Next Day Delivery: Delivery is may NOT AVAILABLE on Sundays for Seoul and Provincial Destinations.

Time of delivery: WE ARE NOT GUARANTEE SPECIFIED DELIVERY TIMES OF DAY BUT WE WILL TRY HARD TO KEEP THE TIME AS MUCH AS WE CAN. Deliveries to business addresses will be completed by the end of the business day. Residential deliveries will be completed by 6:00 PM.

If the recipient is not available, to honor our satisfaction guarantee, the recipient may be called to schedule delivery. For residential deliveries, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the delivery person may leave the package in a safe place for the recipient to retrieve when they return or attempt delivery the next day. For business deliveries, if the business is closed or not accepting deliveries, delivery will be attempted the next business day.