Secure payment by PayPal

 We recommend to use  PAY BY INVOICE(Invoice will be sent to your email) for Beginner of in Easy Payment process.
 When you've a PayPal account than recommend to use PAY WITH YOUR CARD OR YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. 


PAY BY INVOICE(Invoice will be sent to your email)

1) Place your order on our website with your address in billing and Recipient's information at Delivery as shipping. 
2) You will be receiving an invoice via PayPal to your E-mail than you can Pay on the Invoice by your credit card easily. Also you can pay to via PayPal without the invoice.
3) After your paid, we will send a confirmation by email.

We recommend to use this payment method for First time visitor and has trouble in other payment method. 

1) Place your order on our website.
2) Instant Checkout or Register your account.  
3) Add your billing and delivery address including mobile number of recipient.
4) Check the delivery address as the billing address for PAY WITH YOUR CARD payment method. 
When you using pay by your credit card via PayPal than using same address in billing and shipping address as delivery address in Korea during check out procedure. Must add delivery address with mobile no. in Korea for right delivery. Of course, you can leave Gift message during check out for knowing from whom.

5)If you put at billing and shipping as your address than Please indicate the following information in the leave a message box.
     Recipient Name
     Recipient mobile or phone number to verify the location 
     Detailed delivery addresses
     Preferred delivery date (local Korea time)
     Your personal gift message or note to recipient.

If you are having a problem in PayPal, Please select invoice payment method located mid of payment methods. After placed order than will issuing an invoice to you for pay on the invoice in easily.
* When you Instant Checkout than type your billing address at delivery address for clearence 

You can see Instant Checkout Example.

If you are having problem, please feel free to contact us at  We will be happy to assist you.